What you need to know before arriving on your picture day


Sitting Fee:

A sitting fee is what helps us keep doing what we love to do, which is providing you with great photography and memories for your years in college. Sitting fees with our competitors, generally, do not include anything a 5-10 minute sitting with their photographer. Those Guys knows you want more value for your dollar. Your sitting fee with Those Guys includes 1-8×10 print or 2-5×7 prints. You will be able to purchase additional prints, specialty products and even the digital files that you can print as needed for your family and friends, all for a reasonable price.


Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early for your appointment.

Late arrivals force us to make up time elsewhere in the day’s schedule for the day or to push others sittings back. Even if you show up ready for your sitting, we may need a few extra minutes to add some finishing touches. As other appointments can’t be delayed, your session may be rushed. There is a lot of work that goes into your sitting from prepping your outfit, checking your hair, shooting, viewing your photos after and ordering. Arriving a few minutes early helps us keep your sitting running smooothly.

Men: Collared shirt
Women: Low cut top or collared blouse

Keep in mind the gown is not made to cover your shirt completely. T-shirts and other shirts that end below the neckline will show in your final photo. Many subjects have been unhappy with their final photos when they do not come dressed appropriately. There is little Those Guys can do in this case. You have the option to purchase the photos as shot or booking another appoint at an additional sitting fee to retake. Please take our recommendations seriously, but know that we will shoot whatever you prefer. The photos are yours and we want you to be comfortable and satisfied most of all.

Hood, Honor Cords, Sashes

You want to show off your accomplishments with your photos. If you are a Master’s student, earned honors or proud of your school and want to show off your sash, we want you to bring it. Unfortunately we do not have articles for all the schools we deal with. If you are interested in a specific article, call or email us about availability. We can let you know what we have for your school.

Sports, Club or Dept Extras

We’re here to help you create a photograph that is uniquely you. Are you on the football team? Do you play the trumpet? Does your best friend or significant other attend your school? Bring along a few personal items or someone special to include in your photo session. If you bring what you love, you’ll love your photos that much more!

Hair and Makeup
When you sign up for you sitting, you have the option of adding on session with our hair and makeup artist onsite in our studio. Of course, you can do your own touch ups prior to your appointment or do a quick check in the mirror if you arrive a few minutes early, but our professional makeup artists take the stress and hassle out of doing everything yourself. Despite living in Southern California, wouldn’t it just be your luck to choose that one rainy or windy day for your shoot. If you choose to have your hair and/or makeup done by onsite, make sure you show up at the appointed time, generally 30 minutes prior to your scheduled sitting.

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